Formed out of Mount Sinai, New York, Patent Pending is a Pop Punk band currently consisting of singer Joe Ragosta, lead guitarist Rob Felicetti, guitarist Marc Kantor, bassist Corey DeVincenzo, and drummer Anthony Mingoia, previous members include Michael Ragosta (Vocals), Drew Buffardi, Jay Beiner and Travis McGee (All bassists). An info-graphic is at the foot of this page showing a detailed history of the band members.


They have released seven EP’s, five LP’s and featured on Bowling for Soup’sOne Big Happy’ compilation album in 2012 along with The Dollyrots.


The band was formed in 2001 after guitarist Joe Ragosta and bassist Drew Buffardi started a band to perform at a local show, they approached school friend Anthony Mingoia to play drums and asked Joe’s brother, Michael, to provide vocals.


They played many shows in the Long Island, New York area, and gained a consistent, dedicated following. They began recording several demo songs which would be re-recorded, and re-released on future albums.


Patent Pending released their first EP in 2001, called Meet The Fat Kids, which contained only two songs, these songs would later be re-released a few months later on their first full length album, The Pirate House.


In 2002 they released a further two EP’s, Air Dew, and Drive By, both EP’s feature just five songs, and Drive By included the original version of what would later go on to be the bands best selling single, Cheer Up Emo Kid.


There was now a two year wait before the bands next release, their second full length album, Don’t Quit Your Day Job, and then a few months later they released a compilation EP, ...Is Your Biological Father, the EP contains 12 songs, but only four of them are new releases, the other eight are in fact re-releases from previous albums. ...Is Your Biological Father also contained the original version of One Less Heart To Break.


In 2006 the band released Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine, which would actually be the last album with Michael Ragosta as the lead singer. The album had sales of over 10,000 copies, due to the bands incursion on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour across America, and then touring with Gym Class Hero’s and Cobra Starship immediately afterward.


After the album had been released the band invited friend Marc Kantor to join the band as a second guitarist, then in 2007 bassist Drew Buffardi announced he was leaving the band, he was replaced by Jay Beiner.


There was a further two year break between releases, with Attack Of The Awesome released in 2009, this eight song EP had a slight change, with both Joe and Michael switching lead vocal duties on different songs, and the album was then released on 14th July 2009, with Michael announcing he is leaving the band full time on 25th July 2009


In 2010 the band released the I’m Not Alone EP, featuring six songs, this is the first release with just Joe providing lead vocals, and Rob Felicetti joining the band to provide lead guitar duties, in late 2010, while writing songs for their new album bassist Jay Beiner left the band, he was replaced by Travis McGee.


In 2011 the band started a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new full length album, Second Family; the album was released in July. Earlier that year the band toured America with Bowling For Soup and The Dollyrots, and then they spent the summer of the Vans Warped Tour.


In 2012 Patent Pending was named Billboard’s “Dreamseaker Artist of the Year”, and they had a live TV performance on the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, then they spent another summer playing the Vans Warped Tour.


After the Vans Warped Tour bassist Travis McGee left the band, he was replaced with Corey DeVincenzo.

In October 2012 Patent Pending played their first shows outside America, along with The Dollyrots they joined Bowling For Soup on a UK tour for their One Big Happy album, which featured each of the three bands on the tour releasing a new song, and covering one of each other bands songs.


In April 2013 the band returned to the UK, on their own Co-Headline tour with Erik Chandler from Bowling for Soup, and again in June 2013 for a mini tour, and a show at the Download Festival.


In December 2013 they released a covers EP entitled Spring Break ’99, which the band cover five popular songs released in 1999.


In 2013 they started a second Kickstarter campaign, to fund their new album, Brighter, which was released in October that year, just before they joined Bowling for Soup on their farewell UK Tour.


In April 2014 the band are planning on returning to the UK, on a Co-Headline tour with People On Vacation.


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