News Archive turns One Year Old!

Posted by jamie on 2015-01-31 14:18
Earlier this week turned One Year Old! The website was launched on 27th January 2014, and since that time, it has been a huge success, and we would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us, and continuing to visit the website!

As we enter our second year we have lots of big plans for the website, with a brand new version under contruction, featuring a fresh new look, new features, and new information, which we are very excited for.

During our first year we've covered stories such as US, UK, and German Tours, the birth of Joe's Daughter Everly, the release of the Mario and the Brick Breakers EP, plus much more, lets hope that in 2015 we have some equally as big stories in the Patent Pending world!

Thanks again,
Jamie and Ally, Admins!

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Posted by jamie on 2014-12-01 18:58
We are proud to announce the Christmas Giveaway Advent Calendar!

On our Advent Calendar you have 25 (Not the traditional 24) doors to open, hidden behind five random doors you'll find a form you can fill out to get a chance to win a poster signed by Patent Pending which was given out to VIP ticket holders on the recent UK tour.

You can only enter to win each poster once, however, if you find and enter the giveaway for all five posters you get five chances to win our grand prize!

After Christmas we will pick a random winner from all the entries from all the giveaways, and that lucky person will win a signed copy of Patent Pending presents Mario and the Brick Breakers - Greatest Hits! (Pictured to the left)

All you have to do is come to every day, visit the Advent Calendar, open todays door and see if today is one of the five lucky days!

Full Terms and Conditions for the giveaway can be found here! Good Luck!

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Happy Birthday, Joe!

Posted by Ally on 2014-11-16 18:26
All of us at would like to wish Joe a very Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Joe Ragosta

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'Hey Mario' video released!

Posted by jamie on 2014-11-11 19:10
Moments ago Patent Pending released the eargerly anticipated video for 'Hey Mario' from 2013s album 'Brighter', and then went on to inspire the recently released 'Mario and the Brick Breakers' EP

The video has also been spotted on Kerrang! TV in the UK this past week before its official release, but for those of us who haven't been fortunate enough to see it yet, here it is!


You can also see this, and loads of other videos over in our Video Library!

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US Holiday Tour Anouncement

Posted by jamie on 2014-11-04 10:28
Patent Pending have today announced the dates of their annual US Holiday Tour!

The tour, which includes five dates, will see the band visit New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, the band will also be playing in New York in support of Andrew WK on the day after Christmas.

14th Dec - The Stanhope House, Stanhope NJ
19th Dec - Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA
20th Dec - Altar Bar, Pittsburgh, PA
26th Dec - Revolution Bar and Music Hall, Aimtyville, NY (In Support of Andrew WK)
27th Dec - The Space, Hamden, Connecticut

Full details can be found in our Tour Library!

Will you be going to any of these shows, I'd love to see Patent Pending on Christmas!

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'Hey Mario' video spotted on British TV

Posted by jamie on 2014-11-02 16:29
Following on from the campaign started earlier this week to get Hey Mario played on the radio, British music channel Kerrang! have this week been showing Hey Mario.

Since the official video hasn't been released yet, fans weren't sure what Kerrang! were actually showing, some thought it could be the Official Lyric Video, but fans have said that the video been shown on Kerrang! is a mash up of footage from the Mario and the Brick Breakers documentary, and footage of the band playing the song, all synced to the track itself, but we have in fact been told that this is actually the official video, and it will be released online later this week, most likely on the bands YouTube channel.

While I haven't seen it myself yet it is certainly great that the guys are getting more publicity, and this can only be a good thing! Hopefully soon we'll all get a chance to see the video on TV, or hear them on the radio, the only other time I've seen Patent Pending on TV was just after Christmas 2012 when I saw the last few seconds of Douchebag on Scuzz, also a British music channel.

In the mean time don't forget to keep requesting Hey Mario to be played on the radio, see here for details on how to do that!

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Get Hey Mario on Radio 1!

Posted by Ally on 2014-10-30 20:20
Hey MarioOn a Monday and Thursday at 6pm, popular UK radio station, BBC Radio 1, has what they call a "10 minute takeover". In this 10 minutes listeners are encouraged to tweet to Radio 1 or post on the radio stations Facebook page what song they would like to hear.

Nearly two weeks ago during the Brighter UK Tour, in the Birmingham VIP set Joe got everyone in the room to tweet Radio 1 and request Hey Mario, and with only a few minutes to go until 6pm, hurriedly tweeted to the Patent Pending world about the takeover. Despite the short notice, we saw a lot of tweets going to Radio 1, however on this occasion it didn't get played.

Some of the UK fan base have decided it is worth trying again every Monday and Thursday until it gets played, according to Joe "the Hey Mario CD is sitting in every radio station gathering dust", it's time we got it played. BBC Radio 1 is mostly known for playing pop and chart music, so this may be a hard feat to achieve, however the more people that request, the more likely it is to get a chance to shine and show the UK how amazing our boys are!

In the last few days a group was started over on Facebook encouraging people to request the song and reminding when to do so, you can go and join that group right here.

So now all you have to do is remember this; on a MONDAY and a THURSDAY at 6pm GMT sharp get yourself over to Radio 1's Twittter (@BBCR1) or their Facebook (BBC Radio 1), or of course there is nothing stopping you from requesting on both social networks, and request Patent Pending - Hey Mario! Next shot at getting them played will be Monday 3rd November, so make a note of it!

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Tour Recap

Posted by jamie on 2014-10-25 18:07
The Brighter UK Tour has now come to an end, and last night the guys played their first ever show in Germany, the first of their four show tour over there, what a month its been!

Firstly, we would like to apologise for not updating the website much lately, we have been working on lots of exciting things behind the scenes, and of course we were at a few Patent Pending shows too!

The Brighter UK Tour was a huge success, with some of the venues selling out, and of course the 4 that sold out well in advance, and we had a third surprise support act, Mario and the Brick Breakers, which played inbetween the two support acts, the Hype Theory and Suburban Legends.

The team attending five shows from the tour, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leeds, and each show just got better as the week went on!

Before the tour started I didn't know much of The Hype Theory, I had seen them once or twice on Kerrang! but never really listened to them, but they were a good band, and definitely got the crowd going!

If the crowd wasn't entertained by The Hype Theory, the next band up was a surprise, Mario and the Brick Breakers, which are of course Patent Pending's alter egos! They came on for a few minutes and played a couple of songs from the Mario and the Brick Breakers EP, Princess Peach, and Boom Boom, Pass the Mushroom.

Quickly following them were the Suburban Legends, I had seen them before in 2011 supporting Bowling for Soup and I remember been really impressed with them then, but on this tour, they just blew me away, you can't help but watch them and have a good time, I haven't been that impressed with a band since the first time I saw Patent Pending in 2012 when they opened for Bowling for Soup! They are definitely a band I will make sure I see again when they are next in the UK, it was getting to a stage as the week went on that I was looking forward to them just as much as I was Patent Pending!

Of course, Patent Pending were amazing, it seems each time they come over to the UK they just get better and better, there was a few new songs in the setlist, including a cover of Friends theme tune "I'll be there for you" and on a few shows a cover of "Build me up Buttercup" plus lots of fan favourites such as One Less Heart to Break, Douchebag, Brighter, and Hey Mario.

We were also treated to a few rare old songs, especially during the VIP acoustic sets, including Old and Out of Tune, I'm Not Alone, Dear Stacy, and Therefore I Party.

Joe has also been talking during the tour about his wife Dana and his baby daughter Everly, and how Dana wants him to keep doing Patent Pending because they've sacrificed so much to give up just because they've become parents, and that they should still come to the UK twice a year, which I wasn't expecting, I remember been surprised when this tour was announced, I didn't expect Joe to want to be away from his daughter so soon after she was born, but its great that they've decided to still tour and visit the UK.

As I said above we are currently working on a lot of exciting stuff behind the scenes, but these are a long way from finished, but in the short term, expect some photos and setlists from this past tour appearing on the website in the next few days.

Also expect a competition or two ;-)

Did you visit any of the shows, how were they for you? Please let us know!

I'm going to end this article with this video, recorded by admin Ally, of the final song of the UK segment of the tour, where Patent Pending, Suburban Legends, the Hype Theory, and all the crew from the tour came on stage to perform a cover of Lit's 'My Own Worse Enemy', a song which Patent Pending covered on their Spring Break '99 album.

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Win Patent Pending Tickets with Pulp and Macbeth Footwear!

Posted by jamie on 2014-10-09 16:46
Pulp have teamed up with Patent Pending and Macbeth Footwear to give four lucky winners a chance to win a pair of tickets to a Patent Pending show, plus, a Macbeth Goodybag worth over £185!

Pulp, along with Patent Pending and Macbeth will be running four competitions during the tour,

October 14th - Glasgow
October 16th - Manchester
October 18th - Nottingham
October 22nd - Leeds

At 4:30pm on each of the above days Patent Pending will post a clue on their official Instagram account @patentpendingmusic, and there will be other clues posted throughout the evening before the shows too, the first person to follow the clues, and find the Macbeth shoe box will win the pair of tickets for that nights show, plus the goody bag!

You can read more by seeing this post on Pulp's Instagram page!

And while you're on Instagram don't forget to follow Patent Pending @patentpendingmusic, Macbeth Footwear @macbethfootwear and Pulp @thisispulp and keep an out for those clues

Three out of the four shows included in this competition are sold out, so this could be your final chance to get tickets!

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Brighter UK Tour starts tonight!

Posted by jamie on 2014-10-08 12:20
Patent Pending's eagerly anticipated Brighter UK Tour kicks off later today in the o2 Academy Oxford!

The tour is Patent Pending's first large scale UK headline tour (The other UK tours have all been coheadline) and will feature support from Suburban Legends and The Hype Theory.

Four of the dates (Glasgow, Nottingham, Bristol and Leeds) have all sold out prior to the tour to begin, and other venues have very limited tickets, so a lot of shows are very likely to sell out either beforehand, or on the night itself, so if you want tickets, act fast! Full details can be found below.

We at are VERY excited for the tour, and are very interested in seeing your pictures and vidoes from the event, if you have any, please send them to, it will also be very interesting to see what songs Patent Pending play in the setlist, and whether any songs of newly released EP Mario and the Brick Breakers will be played live for the first time.

Doors tonight are at 7pm (as are most other shows, however, some venues will begin earlier, some later) and VIP ticket holders must be there 90 minutes before hand, at around 5:30pm

We hope everyone going has a good time, and we can't wait to see the guys ourselves.

Full tour details can be found below

08th October - Oxford o2 Academy 2 - TicketWeb, See Tickets
09th October - Southampton Joiners - Joiners Live
10th October - Brighton Audio - Gigantic, See Tickets
11th October - Norwich Waterfront Studio - UEA Tickets, See Tickets
13th October - Sheffield o2 Academy 2 - TicketWeb, See Tickets, Ticket Master
14th October - Glasgow King Tuts - SOLD OUT!
15th October - Newcastle o2 Academy 2 - TicketWeb, See Tickets
16th October - Manchester Club Academy - See Tickets, Ticket Master
17th October - Birmingham Library - TicketWeb, See Tickets, Ticket Master
18th October - Nottingham Rock City Basement - SOLD OUT!
19th Ocober - Bristol Thekla, SOLD OUT!
20th October - Exeter Cavern - We Go Tickets
21st October - London o2 Acadmy Islington - TicketWeb, See Tickets, Ticket Master
22nd Ocober - Leeds Key Club - SOLD OUT!

Even more details can be found in our Tour Library including a place to discuss the tour with fellow fans!

Are you going tonight, or to any of the other shows? The team will be at the shows in Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leeds, we look forward to seeing you all!

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