"Oh my, how the times have changed"

Posted by jamie on 2015-04-18 14:32
Two years ago today Patent Pending were in Manchester, getting ready for day four of an eight day UK tour, their first UK Headline… well Co-Headline tour, they were joined by Bowling for Soup bassist Erik Chandler, and since then, the guys have gone a long way!
Two years ago I was getting ready to see them in Sheffield, the next show on the tour, on the 19th April, it would be my second time seeing them, and from that show onwards, I was obsessed, I’d saw them a few months before, in October 2012, the first time they visited the UK, with Bowling for Soup on the One Big Happy tour, and I’ve gotta say, I really enjoyed them, but between October and April, despite enjoying the music, I’d barely listened to them.
I was actually 50/50 about whether to even bother going to the Sheffield gig, I didn’t know anyone in the band apart from Joe, and I only knew a handful of songs. In the end I entered a competition on Twitter in March, to win VIP tickets for the Sheffield show (This was long before VIP tickets were actually available, on this tour everyone had standard tickets) and then a few weeks later, at the beginning of April, I received an email, I’d won the VIP tickets, I would meet the band, plus Erik, and get early entry, and if it wasn’t for winning that competition, I wouldn’t have gone to the show, I wouldn’t have got obsessed with the band, and this website wouldn’t be here right now!
I invited my friend (Now Girlfriend) and admin of PatentPendingOnline.net, Ally, to come with me, she was seeing them in Manchester the night before, and she didn’t mind an excuse to see them two nights in a row, she just had the small problem of getting too, and from Sheffield, but luckily that got sorted out.
So the day came, and I met her early afternoon in Sheffield Train Station, we thought we’d wander round the city, see if we could find any of the guys, unfortunately we didn’t, so we spent the next couple of hours sat on the wall outside the venue, watching the fans building, and the queue starting, we watched Rob, and Corey walk past, carrying things inside for the show, they all waved to us and said hi, and that’s when I realised just how nice they are, unlike a lot of other bands, they care for the fans, and interact with them.
A bit later Joe walked past, Primark bag in hand, and he saw us, and said "Hi, how you doing" and if I’m honest, I was a bit star struck, he’s someone I was seeing on stage in just a few hours’ time, and here he is, saying Hello to us!
When the time came the tour manager came outside to take us into the venue early for the VIP, we went in and stood near the merch, and a few seconds later the band came over to us, with Erik, and once again, I was shocked at how nice they are, they all said hi, shook our hands, asked us our names, then all six of them did this stupid, but very funny dance and song about how we’d won a competition to meet them! We both got a free tshirt of our choosing, wristband (Which we both still wear to this day) and poster which they all signed for us, and asked us for if there was any songs we wanted to hear that night, I asked for Cheer Up Emo Kid, and Ally for Memory, and they played both those songs that night, and we even had one dedicated to us!
After the show, Joe came over to speak to us, and we thanked him for the awesome gig, we had hugs and photos, and from that point onwards, my love affair with Patent Pending started.
That night was my second Patent Pending gig, and I’ve now seen them 15 times, and at each and every gig, Joe still recognises us from that night, comes over, says Hello, asks us how we’ve been doing since we saw them last, and same with the other guys in the band, they all remember us, and it’s great to see them all and catch up with them a couple of times a year, and each time they’re in bigger venues, with more fans, but they’re still the nicest guys you can ever wish to meet!
If it wasn’t for Patent Pending I wouldn’t have got together with Ally, I wouldn’t have travelled the country on two occasions just to see them as many times as possible, and this website wouldn’t exist.
Since that night, and that tour, the band have come a long way, they returned a few months later, in June, for a few shows down in the south of England, plus a very successful show at Download Festival, where they picked up a lot of fans, they then returned in October of that year, supporting Bowling for Soup on their Farewell UK Tour, where they picked up even more fans, they came back in April 2014, with People on Vacation, on another Co-Headline tour, and finally, their biggest tour yet, the Brighter European Tour, in October 2014, where they spent three weeks in the UK and Germany, plus, on top of all that, they’ve had their regular tours in USA, Joe’s Daughter, Everly was born, they’ve released an album and an EP, they’ve toured in Australia at the Soundwave Festival, after the last amazing two years, who knows what will happen in the next two years, if Patent Pending continue growing as fast as they have, come 2017, they could be selling out some of the bigger venues very quickly!
Joe, Rob, Marc, Corey, and Anthony… thank you for changing my life.

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3 Posted by chrisBcreme on 2015-07-26 20:44

2 Posted by chrisBcreme on 2015-07-26 20:36
I met these guys in 2011 when I was 13 years old. Patent Pending had an upcomming show at a small teen center in a neighboring town. I was in a band with my older brother and a few friends and we played this venue about twice a month. I was contacted by the sound guy there to have us open for PTPG because he thought we would be a good fit. At this time I never heard of Patent Pending before but after looking them up I learned their popularity was starting to grow outside of the local area ( they started in Long Island NY which is about a 3 hour drive from New Haven CT). Anyway, I watched the music video they made for Drop Dead and instantly feel in love. Later that day I tought the song to myself on guitar. Unfortunately our drummer broke his arm playing hockey 3 days before the gig. We had the two biggest shows of our short/young career that week and to make it worse, our singer quit the band (he's my brother and the second biggest PTPG fan that i know... lets just say he really regrets it now and i never let him live it down to this day) so myself and the other guitarist in my band decided to go to the gig anyway to watch and hangout. We talked to the guys a little bit after the show. from then on i knew they would make it someday. Im going to their show in long island on aug 28th and really hope to meet them, i hope my lego joe shirt and sisters taylor lautner poster will be enough. Id really love the guys to sign it and have joe write "this is mine, but you can have it anyway"!!!!!! that would be great! lol.

1 Posted by jsmith89 on 2015-06-23 12:29
Loved reading this! I discovered Patent Pending a couple of years ago when they were supporting BFS on tour here in the UK. They are now one of my favourite bands! Loving the Brighter album <3

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