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Patent Pending announce new album, Riot Hearts Rebellion

Posted by jamie on 2015-10-22 14:37
In a shock move today Patent Pending have anounced that they are planning on releasing a new album next month.

The news has come as a surprise to many fans since the band kept the news that they were in the studio recording a secret, but over the past few weeks the guys personal social media profiles have been very quiet, and in the past week Joe has been hinting on Twitter and Facebook that big things are due.

The album, Riot Hearts Rebellion, will be released on 27th November on Rude Records, the label they signed with before the release of EP 'Armegeddon' earlier this year.

The album will be released in the middle of Patent Pending's tour of the UK with fellow US Rockers Zebrahead, and will be released on the same day the guys play Manchester, which Joe has stated many times is one of his favourite cities to play.

The first hint of new music from the Patent Pending camp was on 21st October when to celebrate Back To The Future Day the band released Started in my Head, a up tempo classic pop punk song with some great guitar riffs, similar to some songs from Second Family.

The track listing for the new album is

1) Another Day - 2:29
2) Until the Sun Comes Up - 3:09
3) Love Is Anarchy - 3:00
4) Six Feet - 3:20
5) Little Diamonds - 3:09
6) nsfw (.)(.) - 2.54
7) Started in my Head - 3:23
8) Its All Good Today - 3:19
9) Last Time That I Saw You - 2:42
10) Dating A Dick - 3:46
11) Keeper - 2.51
12) Started In My Head - 3:34

The Album is available for PreOrder on Amazon UK at £9.99, Amazon US at $11.98, and on iTunes at £7.99

You can hear the new song Riot Hearts Rebellion on YouTube Below

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Armegeddon Released

Posted by jamie on 2015-07-31 15:54
Patent Pending have today released their new EP, Armegeddon, the EP clocks up at just over 15 minutes long, and is available now on iTunes and Amazon.

The EP is currently sitting at number 3 in the iTunes UK Rock Chart, beating last years EP, Mario and the Brick Breakers which peaked at number 5.

The EP consits of 5 songs, one of which is a rerelease of Brighter, originally reelased on 2013's album of the same name, which also recently had an official video relased.

The track listing is as follows

Too Much to Think - 3:41
The Way I See It - 3:04
Tick Tick Boom - 3:11
We're Getting Weird - 2:58
Brighter - 3:49


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Brighter Offical Video Released

Posted by jamie on 2015-07-06 19:51
Following on from today's news that Patent Pending have signed to record label Rude Records, they have also released the official video to Brighter!

Brighter, originally the title track from 2013's album of the same name, and is been rereleased on upcoming EP Armageddon.

Check out the video here!

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Patent Pending sign with Rude Records and Armegeddon Track Listing

Posted by jamie on 2015-07-06 19:41
Patent Pending have today announced that they have signed with music label Rude Records, and upcoming EP Armageddon will be the bands first release on the label, due on 31st July.

Rude Records have several well known bands already signed with them, including Less Than Jake, Set It Off, Zebrahead, and many more!

On signing with the Label, Patent Pending front man Joe Ragosta had this to say

We’re so excited to join forces with Rude Records! After years of searching we’ve finally found a home for our band with people that truly understand our vision, our goals and our craziness. It’s going to be an amazing partnership and we can’t wait to get (A TON OF) new music in everybody’s hands this year!

The most interesting line in that quote is that Joe says that they have a "ton of" new music coming this year, we already know that Armageddon is due for release later this month, and EP Season's Greeting will be released at Christmas (After they missed the deadline for last Chrstimas!) but could we see even more music?

Also included in today's anouncement is the track listing for the upcoming EP Armageddon, where it has been revealed that Brighter (song) will be rereleased on the EP and will be the leading single, hopefully it gets as much and more airtime as the previous single, Hey Mario did.

The tracklisting of Armageddon is as follows:

Too Much to Think
The Way I See It
Tick Tick Boom
We're Getting Weird

Don't forget that Patent Pending are on a Co Headline tour with Zebrahead in the UK this November!

21st November - Southend Chinnerys
22nd November - Birmingham, O2 Academy Birmingham 2
23rd November - Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
24th November - Leeds, Stylus
25th November - Glasgow, The Garage
27th November - Manchester, Manchester Academy 3
28th November - London, Brooklyn Bowl London
29th November - Oxford, O2 Academy Oxford 2
30th November - Portsmouth, The Wedgewood Rooms
1st December - Bristol, The Marble Factory

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Patent Pending announce "Armageddon"

Posted by Ally on 2015-05-21 19:21
A few hours ago Patent Pending announced "Armageddon", a new EP due to be released on the 31st July. The announcement comes just two days before the guys take to the stage in Leeds, UK for the first of three appearances at Slam Dunk, happening over the UK Bank Holiday weekend at Leeds, Hatfield and Wolverhampton.

The announcement was made via social media by the band and a few music news website such as Musicology-online  also announced with quote from Joe Ragosta proclaiming "We’re so excited to be releasing new music again! We found a way to expand our musical horizons with these new tracks while staying true to the classic vision of the band."

Joe has also stated that the EP will have a mix of music styles "
with pump-up songs, funny songs and serious songs", whether Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing  from the movie Armageddon will make an appearance on the EP is yet unknown despite a few rumours!

As mentioned you can catch the guys in the UK this weekend, we hope they'll play some new stuff, but with it been a short early afternoon festival set we imagine it will be just fan favourites.


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"Oh my, how the times have changed"

Posted by jamie on 2015-04-18 14:32
Two years ago today Patent Pending were in Manchester, getting ready for day four of an eight day UK tour, their first UK Headline… well Co-Headline tour, they were joined by Bowling for Soup bassist Erik Chandler, and since then, the guys have gone a long way!
Two years ago I was getting ready to see them in Sheffield, the next show on the tour, on the 19th April, it would be my second time seeing them, and from that show onwards, I was obsessed, I’d saw them a few months before, in October 2012, the first time they visited the UK, with Bowling for Soup on the One Big Happy tour, and I’ve gotta say, I really enjoyed them, but between October and April, despite enjoying the music, I’d barely listened to them.
I was actually 50/50 about whether to even bother going to the Sheffield gig, I didn’t know anyone in the band apart from Joe, and I only knew a handful of songs. In the end I entered a competition on Twitter in March, to win VIP tickets for the Sheffield show (This was long before VIP tickets were actually available, on this tour everyone had standard tickets) and then a few weeks later, at the beginning of April, I received an email, I’d won the VIP tickets, I would meet the band, plus Erik, and get early entry, and if it wasn’t for winning that competition, I wouldn’t have gone to the show, I wouldn’t have got obsessed with the band, and this website wouldn’t be here right now!
I invited my friend (Now Girlfriend) and admin of, Ally, to come with me, she was seeing them in Manchester the night before, and she didn’t mind an excuse to see them two nights in a row, she just had the small problem of getting too, and from Sheffield, but luckily that got sorted out.
So the day came, and I met her early afternoon in Sheffield Train Station, we thought we’d wander round the city, see if we could find any of the guys, unfortunately we didn’t, so we spent the next couple of hours sat on the wall outside the venue, watching the fans building, and the queue starting, we watched Rob, and Corey walk past, carrying things inside for the show, they all waved to us and said hi, and that’s when I realised just how nice they are, unlike a lot of other bands, they care for the fans, and interact with them.
A bit later Joe walked past, Primark bag in hand, and he saw us, and said "Hi, how you doing" and if I’m honest, I was a bit star struck, he’s someone I was seeing on stage in just a few hours’ time, and here he is, saying Hello to us!
When the time came the tour manager came outside to take us into the venue early for the VIP, we went in and stood near the merch, and a few seconds later the band came over to us, with Erik, and once again, I was shocked at how nice they are, they all said hi, shook our hands, asked us our names, then all six of them did this stupid, but very funny dance and song about how we’d won a competition to meet them! We both got a free tshirt of our choosing, wristband (Which we both still wear to this day) and poster which they all signed for us, and asked us for if there was any songs we wanted to hear that night, I asked for Cheer Up Emo Kid, and Ally for Memory, and they played both those songs that night, and we even had one dedicated to us!
After the show, Joe came over to speak to us, and we thanked him for the awesome gig, we had hugs and photos, and from that point onwards, my love affair with Patent Pending started.
That night was my second Patent Pending gig, and I’ve now seen them 15 times, and at each and every gig, Joe still recognises us from that night, comes over, says Hello, asks us how we’ve been doing since we saw them last, and same with the other guys in the band, they all remember us, and it’s great to see them all and catch up with them a couple of times a year, and each time they’re in bigger venues, with more fans, but they’re still the nicest guys you can ever wish to meet!
If it wasn’t for Patent Pending I wouldn’t have got together with Ally, I wouldn’t have travelled the country on two occasions just to see them as many times as possible, and this website wouldn’t exist.
Since that night, and that tour, the band have come a long way, they returned a few months later, in June, for a few shows down in the south of England, plus a very successful show at Download Festival, where they picked up a lot of fans, they then returned in October of that year, supporting Bowling for Soup on their Farewell UK Tour, where they picked up even more fans, they came back in April 2014, with People on Vacation, on another Co-Headline tour, and finally, their biggest tour yet, the Brighter European Tour, in October 2014, where they spent three weeks in the UK and Germany, plus, on top of all that, they’ve had their regular tours in USA, Joe’s Daughter, Everly was born, they’ve released an album and an EP, they’ve toured in Australia at the Soundwave Festival, after the last amazing two years, who knows what will happen in the next two years, if Patent Pending continue growing as fast as they have, come 2017, they could be selling out some of the bigger venues very quickly!
Joe, Rob, Marc, Corey, and Anthony… thank you for changing my life.

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Patent Pending shooting Music Video for "Brighter"

Posted by jamie on 2015-04-13 12:58
Patent Pending front man Joe Ragosta has revealed on Instagram that the band are currently filming a music video for "Brighter", the song, from the 2013 album of the same name, is seen by many as a "part two" to One Less Heart to Break, from 2010s "I'm Not Alone"

Brighter is a very popular song among fans, with its inspiring lyrics and catchy chorus, we've seen lots of fans with tattoo's with lyrics from the song.

Patent Pending's last music video, for "Hey Mario", also from 2013s "Brighter" album, and re-released in 2014 on the "Mario and the Brick Breakers - Greatest Hits" EP, which recieved some mainstream air time on Radio and on TV, hopefully the upcoming video for "Brighter" proves just as popular!

Here's what we know so far!

@joepending - Making @_kinarf_ work on his Brithday!!! Shooting the 'Brighter' music video today!!!!!!!!!!!!! #johnnybirthday #johnnynewshoes #johnnynosleep #johnnytwofeet #johnnyhelmetcam   @patentpendingmusic - 48 tacos on set of the 'Brighter' music video shoot. @tacobell #yes #tacotuesdayonsunday #tacobell #bringbackbajasauce   @anthonypending - This is what my house looks like after @patentpendingmusic shoots a music video. #brighter #messymonday

We here at are definitly very excited, and we can't wait to see it!

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Patent Pending announce first UK dates of 2015

Posted by jamie on 2015-02-25 15:35
Earlier this morning UK Festival Slam Dunk announced the next set of bands that will be playing the three date festival, and Patent Pending were included!

They will be joining headliners You Me At Six, plus bands including Reel Big Fish, Zebrahead, Don Broco plus many others for three shows in the end of May UK Bank Holiday.

The festival will be visting Leeds, Hatfield, and Wolverhampton, and will feature several plays throughout the city center.

As of yet it isn't known what stages or times Patent Pending will be playing.

Tickets are on sale now from and cost £42.90.

The full dates are as follows,

Saturday 22nd May, Leeds
Sunday 23rd May, Hatifled
Monday 24th May, Wolverhampton

You can see full details, plus a place to discuss the tour with fellow fans over in our Tour Library!

With no annual April UK tour announced this year we are wondering if this could potentially turn into a full tour with the guys playing their own shows arround the UK.

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Patent Pending arrive in Australia!

Posted by jamie on 2015-02-20 12:35
30 hours after leaving New York, and 3 flights later, the Patent Pending guys have arrived in Australia, for their first ever tour down under!

The guys will of course be playing Soundwave festival, Soundwave is a music festival which tours across Australia, playing many different cities and venues, Soundwave 2014 featured the likes of Bowling for Soup and Green Day. Patent Pending were just the second band to be anounced for the Festival, which occured back in August!

This years festival is headlined by Slipknot, Faith no More, Soundgarden, and Smashing Pumpkins, and also includes artist such as Slash, Fall out Boy, All Time Low, Papa Roach, plus many others! Check out the full line up over on!

The tour starts tomorrow (Saturday 21st Feb) in Adelaide, and the guys will also play Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane while they're over there, full details are

21st February 2015 - Adelaide
22nd February 2015 - Melbourne
28th February 2015 - Sydney
1st March 2015 - Brisbane

You can see full details of the show in our Tour Library!

If you're in Autstralia and you're attending the festival, do yourselfs a favour, and go check them out, you won't regret it!

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Joe opens Custom Song Writing Shop

Posted by jamie on 2015-01-31 14:47
Ever wanted Patent Pending front man Joe Ragosta to write a song for you? Well now you can!

Joe has opened a Custon Song Writing Shop through Downwrite, Downwrite is a website enabling artists to connect with fans on a personal level, fans can hire an artist to write a new and original song for them, which they provide the inspiration for and have complete control over.

Joe is offering four different packages, starting from a 25 second comedic Answering Machine jingle or theme song at $65 (~£43) to a full band studio recording at $1,250 (~£830), you can see all the packages here!

The way it works is when you've selected your package the website asks you a few questions, and Joe will use that information to write you a song, if he needs any more information, he'll contact you, and within a couple of weeks, you'll have the new unique song!

It is certainly a great idea, and I can imagine a lot of Patent Pending fans will be lining up for this, if I had some spare cash I'd definitly be interested!

For more information go see Joe's Downwrite page!

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